Our Mission: To be a professionally operating supplier for the sales and after sales services of measurement and analyser systems in the energy, petroleum and gas industries.

Our Vision: To be the best recognized and preferrred SYSTEM INTEGRATOR company for high quality gas analysers and their after sales services in our country.

Announcement & Updates

Our Products
.System Integration Applications ·Gas Chromatographs
·Gas Analysers(IR, NIR, UV)
·Mass Spectrometers
·Moisture, Water Dew Point and Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analysers
·Oil in Water Monitoring
·Oxygen Analysers
·Emission and Flue Gas Analysersv ·Dust Analysers
·Physical Property Analysers(Flash Point, Viscosity, Freeze Point, RVP Vapour, Cloud Point, Pour Point, Salt in Crude)
·Sampling Systems
·Flow Computers
·Scada Software
·Calibration Gases
.Heated cylinder jacket
·Measurement Consultancy and Documentation
.Flow Measurement Software
·Flame Sensors, Pressure and Mud Density Transmitters for Gas Turbines
·Power Analysers and Recorder Systems
·Plunger Lift Systems
·Small Volume Prover
·Process Gas Monitors for Natural Gas Odorization
·Fixed Gas Detectors
.Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Our Services
·Commissioning Services
·After Sales Support Services
·Spare Parts Support
·Maintenance Services
·Calibration Services